Introduction to CBSM webinar

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I am conducting a CBSM webinar on December 8th, 2011. You can find out more and register here. (http://events NULL.r20 NULL.constantcontact All you need for the webinar is access to a computer with sound, and a microphone if you want to speak. You can also call into a conference call number if you prefer. […]

Guest Blogger – Author Chris Benjamin on The Power of Community

Today I am happy to say that we have a guest blogger, author Chris Benjamin (http://www NULL.chrisbenjaminwriting Chris has just launched his new book, Eco-Innovators: Sustainability in Atlantic Canada (http://www NULL.chapters NULL.indigo NULL.html?ikwid=chris+benjamin&ikwsec=Books), which tells the story of 35 people making a contribution to a more sustainable community. Take it away, Chris: At […]

3 Issues That Need CBSM

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Last week I had two Community-Based Social Marketing presentations on one day. I began Thursday by sharing the stage at the Scottish Waste and Resources Conference as one of two keynote speakers. And I finished it as a guest lecturer at Caledonian University in Glasgow. I like to include local and topical references in my […]

CBSM Strategy for Phosphorous Reduction

There was quite a bit of interest in the report that I posted last month on Backyard Composting CBSM in Langley, BC. In order to help facilitate sharing of information, I am going to try to make more of our reports available, with the permission of our clients. We undertook the Rondeau Bay Community-Based Social […]

Backyard Composting CBSM report

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I have had several requests for the report Lura Consulting (http://www NULL.lura wrote for the Community-based Social Marketing (http://cbsm backyard composting project we did with the Township of Langley (http://www NULL.tol In order to make it more readily accessible, I am posting it here (http://www NULL.beyondattitude NULL.pdf). The report will be […]