Sustainability - Health - Safety

For 30 years we have been focused on people and their relationship to the environment, their health, and their safety in the workplace. 

Our international work is focused in three areas:

  • We develop programs that go beyond education and communication to nurture behaviours that protect people and their environment.
  • We conduct research in human behaviour and attitudes to inform the development of custom strategies that foster individual action.
  • We train others in how to apply behavioural psychology to their communications and outreach programs to make them more effective.
Take Action
Energy conservation
Climate change
Invasive species
Air quality
Water quality
Workplace safety

Areas of Practice

We apply our practice to any subject that has a human dimension. Here are some examples of our areas of practice:


  • Climate change
  • Invasive species
  • Species at Risk
  • Water conservation
  • Energy conservation
  • Wind energy
  • Active transportation
  • Commuter options
  • Waste management
  • Air quality
  • Water quality


  • Mental health
  • Blood donation


  • Three-point vehicle entrance and exit
  • Equipment lockout
  • Crosswalk safety