GlobeScan – Increased Fears About Environment, but Little Change in Consumer Behavior, According to New National Geographic/GlobeScan Study

(http://www NULL.globescan NULL.html# NULL.VCVyBP4u5Ok NULL.twitter) Findings from the 2014 National Geographic / GlobeScan Greendex: Consumer Choice and the Environment – A Worldwide Tracking Survey (Environmental concern has increased but behaviour is lagging according to New National Geographic/@GlobeScan Study … Source: (http://www NULL.globescan NULL.html# NULL.VCVyBP4u5Ok NULL.twitter) This is not news to those of […]

Awareness Is Overrated

(http://nymag NULL.html) It feels really good to raise awareness — it just doesn’t accomplish all that much. (Awareness Is Overrated but easy. Behaviour change requires work and investment. Source: (http://nymag NULL.html) Well said in simple language, this article points out the gap between awareness and behaviour, and provides some good examples. After reading, […]

Behavioural change key in preventing farming tragedies – Cork News

(http://thecorknews Behavioural change key in preventing farming tragediesCork NewsBehavioural psychology is to be used in farm health and safety programmes, with the number of deaths on Cork farms so far this year at four, the highest in the country. Source: (http://thecorknews ******* I am currently working with the British Columbia Forest Safety […]

China urges public to walk, ride bikes to help cut smog

(http://www China has issued a “behavioural standards” guide to combat pollution and reduce environmental damage Source: (http://www This is an interesting development in China. This instruction was in August, and it does suggest that the Chinese government expects that individual behaviour change plays an important role in environmental quality. I […]


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