How I Lost 30 lbs by Fostering My Own Behaviour Change – Part 3

This post is about how I broke down the barriers to adopting new behaviours to dieting and exercise. These are probably the most important weight loss tips in this series of blog posts. But if you are just landing on this post now and have not read the previous posts in the series, I strongly suggest you […]

How I Lost 25 Pounds by Fostering My Own Behaviour Change – Part 1

Many websites and book store shelves are full of weight loss tips. But few if any provide weight loss tips that are rooted in the science of behavioural change. I have explored this topic and want to share my own success in the hope that it will help others. For 25 years I have developed […]

5 Things You Do That Prove The Power Of Peer Pressure

We probably don’t realize how much our behaviour is affected by peer pressure. But it is important to understand this, because peer pressure is a powerful tool we can use to help change the behaviour of others. 5 Things You Likely Do as a Result of Peer Pressure Standing For the National Anthem: When you […]

Hey Doc, Did You Wash Your Hands?

Incredibly, doctors, nurses and other medical professionals are not washing their hands enough at work. Several studies across Canada have found that medical professionals are not meeting the requirements of hand-washing protocols at our hospitals, clinics, offices and personal-care homes. Studies in the US and Switzerland have found similar results. (http://www NULL.dailymail NULL.html) […]

Improving Forest Safety

Due to the impacts of time zone jumping, I am up way too early in Nanaimo, British Columbia. I am reviewing the presentation I will give later today to over 400 attendees of a safety conference, and anticipating a spectacular sunrise in the panoramic view from my corner hotel room. I have long believed that […]