Beyond Attitude Consulting is committed to operating sustainably and to promoting sustainability in all we do. We base our decisions and activities—at work and beyond—on potential environmental impacts, and we conduct ourselves in ways that protect and preserve our environment.

Sustainability is important to us at Beyond Attitude Consulting. We embrace it in our operations, and we promote it to the clients we work with. Our commitment includes:Lightbulb containing grass and flowers

  • Considering the environmental impact of our decision-making and activities
  • Conducting ourselves in an environmentally responsible manner both at work and beyond
  • Promoting sustainable principles and practices to our suppliers, partners and clients
  • Reducing the waste we produce through a reduction, reuse and recycling program
  • Reducing resource consumption, such as water and energy, in our operations and beyond
  • Prioritizing environmentally responsible purchasing
  • Forgoing projects with a net negative environmental impact
  • Researching new developments in environmental issues and practices
  • Communicating our environmental policy and working to foster similar attitudes and behaviours among others
  • Reviewing our policy regularly to keep it up-to-date.