For more than 25 years, Beyond Attitude Consulting has been engaging audiences across Canada on a range of vital issues, giving them a voice in their future of their communities.

Our most notable projects include:

  • Working with community members in Halifax, Nova Scotia, to develop an advanced waste management system and the state-of-the-art landfill at Otter Lake. We then supported the Community Monitoring Committee to ensure that the Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM) kept its initial promises about the operations of the landfill after initial attempts to undo them.
  • Collaborating with HRM planning staff to give community residents an opportunity to influence several policy initiatives, including the development of the Regional Plan and municipal tax review.
  • Developing and delivering workshops for proposed Nova Scotia transportation projects involving the 103, the 104 and the proposed 113 highways. By giving neighbouring communities project insights, we enabled them to understand what was being proposed and provide informed feedback directly to Nova Scotia Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal.
  • Conducting province-wide focus groups and gathering input to develop a sustainable tourism guide for the Tourism Association of Nova Scotia.
  • Partnering with Environment Canada to develop the Atlantic Coastal Action Plan manual for remediation of coastal hot spots, which included extensive stakeholder consultation across Atlantic Canada.
  • Facilitating discussions across Ontario for both drinking water guidelines for tritium levels and setback distances for wind turbines.

Our track record for bringing community members, government agencies and project proponents together to discuss and plan the future of their communities has led to positive, sustainable outcomes that benefit everyone. Engage us to see how we can do the same for you.