How to Get Commitments

Graphic showing Ladder of Commitment

I am often asked by people wanting to apply Behaviour Change programs how they can more effectively and efficiently gather commitments. Below I reveal my approach, refined based on more than 25 years of Behaviour Change programs.   Why are commitments important? Behavioural psychologists know that although someone may intend to take an action, it […]

A Convenient Truth

Workout equipment

Nothing influences behaviour like convenience. When we conduct Community-Based Social Marketing research on habits, people often tell us that what they are doing is easy or convenient. And they often say the reason they aren’t doing what we would like them to because it is inconvenient. Survey Sez In recent research, we found many people […]

Add Wheels to Reduce Barrier Friction

Barriers to performing tasks are like friction. They are powerful forces working against someone performing the task, and must be overcome. The friction from significant barriers often cannot be overcome by signage, incentives and other methods of encouragement.

Behaviour Change Friday Email Blast – Nov 3 2017 – Technology in Behaviour Change

5 Bits of Behaviour Change Goodness Delivered to Your Inbox Every Friday Hi, folks, Technology can play an important role in changing behaviour. That is the good news. It also can foster problem behaviours. Ugh! Something I noticed We have been working for several years with an association of charities that collect textiles for re-use […]

1 Behaviour Change Myth To Stop Believing

Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on linkedin Share on whatsapp I can’t tell you how often I have heard someone say “teach the kids, and they will go home and teach the parents.” Others often support the statement with nods and expressions of agreement. “Yes, it is the best way to reach the […]