Children’s Clean Air Network

Ron Zima is on a mission. He is determined to stop unnecessary vehicle idling. Several years ago, Ron had an awakening. One day he suddenly realized that the right of all people, but especially of children, to breathe clean air, was being compromised by idling vehicle engines. Suddenly, he was seeing them everywhere: at his […]

Bad Prompts!

Take a look at this picture. The sign on the left says that there is no smoking within 16 feet of the doorway, and cites Halifax Regional Municipality’s by-law. The other sign, just a few feet away, encourages smokers to use the ashtrays, one of which is just below the sign. What is a poor […]

Prompts, Prompts, Everywhere Prompts

I spend a lot of time in hotel rooms. And years ago hotels started putting a sign in the washroom like the one you see here. They are a good example of behaviour-changing prompts. Imagine all of the water and energy that has been saved because of these reminders. It is ironic that nearby there […]

Simple But Effective CBSM Campaigns

To foster sustainable behaviour, we sometimes use the simplest, but very effective, tools. For instance prompts, like the sign that tells the last person to leave a room to turn out the lights, or this sign telling visitors near Peggy’s Cove, Nova Scotia, to keep off of an environmentally sensitive area. My favourite prompt? When […]