The Answer My Friend, is Blowing in the Wind

I am currently vacationing in Scotland, a special place I fell in love with over 10 years ago when I first came over to deliver Community-Based Social Marketing webinars in partnership with Caledonian University. Since then I have visited often and forged strong friendships, but I have always been visiting on business. This is the […]

Shutting out Invaders in BC

I am having a great time meeting a large group of people from all across the province who have gathered in Vancouver for the 2012 Invasive Species Council of British Columbia (ISCBC) (http://bcinvasives Conference. It was exciting to be one of two keynote speakers yesterday. I spoke on how Community-based Social Marketing can be […]

Introduction to CBSM webinar

Training seminar image

I am conducting a CBSM webinar on December 8th, 2011. You can find out more and register here. (http://events NULL.r20 NULL.constantcontact All you need for the webinar is access to a computer with sound, and a microphone if you want to speak. You can also call into a conference call number if you prefer. […]

Children’s Clean Air Network

Ron Zima is on a mission. He is determined to stop unnecessary vehicle idling. Several years ago, Ron had an awakening. One day he suddenly realized that the right of all people, but especially of children, to breathe clean air, was being compromised by idling vehicle engines. Suddenly, he was seeing them everywhere: at his […]

Planning for Behaviour

We are frequently hired to develop CBSM strategies to improve participation in existing programs. The client wants those who are not participating to begin, or wants to get people who are using the program to participate properly (for instance, to reduce contamination in the recycling stream). Unfortunately, we often find that the barriers to participation […]