Backyard Composting CBSM report

Thumbs Up!

I have had several requests for the report Lura Consulting (http://www NULL.lura wrote for the Community-based Social Marketing (http://cbsm backyard composting project we did with the Township of Langley (http://www NULL.tol In order to make it more readily accessible, I am posting it here (http://www NULL.beyondattitude NULL.pdf). The report will be […]

Another Kind of Commitment

Vegetables growing on farm

Community-based Social Marketing strategies rely heavily on securing commitment. The idea is to get someone to make a verbal, written or public commitment to undertake a preferred behaviour. Behavioural science tells us, and our own experience proves it, that someone who makes a commitment to adopt a behaviour is much more likely to do so […]

Getting from verbal to written to public commitments

A while back I promised to tell you how to ramp up the power of commitments in a very simple manner. Here we go! First, remember that verbal commitments are fine, but written commitments are stronger, and public commitments are much more powerful yet. So, imagine yourself speaking to someone in their yard, promoting a […]

Sticky commitments

I often think of commitments as being sticky. It is hard to shake them off. When someone makes a commitment to do something, there is always this nagging feeling that they should do it, and they have a difficult time shaking it off. Commitments have different levels of stickiness. Verbal commitments are sticky like jam. […]

Securing commitment – it’s so easy!

Perhaps the most powerful personal tool for fostering a new behaviour in a person is securing a commitment from them. People want to be seen to act consistently with what they say – walk the talk. People who do not act consistently with what they say they will do are frowned upon, so there is […]