I expected the Jetsons. I got the Flintstones.

Echo Dot

More Flintstones than Jetsons I bought an Echo Dot. A new Internet of Things gadget that promises to be a personal assistant. It is kind of like a genie because it can do magical things, just like Barbara Eden could do in I Dream of Jeannie! I plugged my new-fangled gadget in and tried talking to it. […]

Behaviour Change Friday Email Blast – February 23, 2018 – Good Ideas edition

Bottles in the reservoir mountain

Behaviour Change Friday Email Blast 5 Bits of Behaviour Change Goodness Delivered to Your Inbox Every Friday Hi, folks, I have rounded up some good behaviour change ideas to share this week. A good idea to reduce the use of plastic water bottles The movement towards using refillable water bottles (https://www NULL.youtube NULL.com/watch?v=np33DCEd48o)is growing thanks to […]

A Convenient Truth

Workout equipment

Nothing influences behaviour like convenience. When we conduct Community-Based Social Marketing research on habits, people often tell us that what they are doing is easy or convenient. And they often say the reason they aren’t doing what we would like them to because it is inconvenient. Survey Sez In recent research, we found many people […]

Triggers are Barriers to Change

coffee and cigarettes

I have often heard people who are trying to quit smoking say something like “I really miss a cigarette when I am having my morning coffee.” Perhaps you know an occasional smoker who says “I only smoke when I am having a drink.” Triggers These are triggers to a behaviour. In these cases, the cup […]

SMART Goals Are Better Goals

SMART goals

When we set goals, we should make sure they are SMART. Specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely. SMART goals are easier to achieve.