Behaviour Change Friday Email Blast – May 19, 2017

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For those of you who are getting ready for a long weekend, I hope reading this week’s Blast can be the start of winding down. And as soon as you are finished, you have my permission to take the rest of the day off! 🙂 

What I wrote

I have posted the second instalment of a blog series on how I have used Community-Based Social Marketing on myself in order to lose weight and get into shape (http://www NULL.beyondattitude It addresses setting goals, research, and choosing behaviours. My aim is to show that Behaviour Change practitioners might want to use their skills to foster their own new behaviours. If you have not yet done so, you can read the precursor,  “How I Lost 25 Pounds by Fostering My Own Behaviour Change – Part 1 (http://www NULL.beyondattitude NULL.token%5D&__s=xxxxxxx).” Part 3 will address determining barriers and developing strategies to remove them, and using motivators. (Incidentally, I am now down 30 pounds and on June 2 intend to run my first race in 1997!

What I am really interested in

There is some really amazing work being done by teams comprising experts in Behaviour Change and other disciplines. For instance, the Human Behavioural Change project (https://www NULL.ucl includes Behavioural Scientists, computer scientists and information scientists and they are using massive computer resources to develop an artificial intelligence system that will be able to learn from vast amounts of research that know human could ever review. The project is an undertaking of the Centre for Behaviour Change at University College London (UCL) (https://www NULL.ucl

50 Best Podcasts

On planes, trains and in automobiles, I listen to podcasts. There are some real gems, but they can be hard to find. Here is a list of 50 excellent ones (https://www NULL.evernote with a broad range of subject matter. 

Excellence in Behaviour Change

Last week I mentioned progress in reducing the number of people defecating in the open in India. This is a huge problem and amazing progress is being made. But don’t listen to me, Bill Gates will tell you all about it in this really cool 360VR video. (https://www

A quote I am pondering

“Peer pressure and social norms are powerful influences on behaviour, and they are classic excuses.” – Andrew Lansley



It is the Friday before a long weekend, it is beautiful out, and I am going golfing. Have a great week!

If you have feedback or ideas on topics, I would love to hear from you (and thanks to all of the people who have already done so). I would especially appreciate recommended examples of excellence in behaviour change (if you have an example of one of your own projects, don’t be shy, tell me about it). You can email me at (ken null@null beyondattitude NULL.token%5D&__s=xxxxxxx).

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