Behaviour Change Friday Email Blast – May 12, 2017

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A hearty welcome to the many recent subscribers!
For those who have been around for a while, you may have noticed that the Blast looks a little different this week. I have just switched over to a new mailing system and this is the first Friday since the change. Fingers crossed!

What I wrote

I have started a blog post series on how I have used Community-Based Social Marketing on myself in order to lose weight and get into shape. My aim is to show that Behaviour Change practitioners might want to use their skills to foster their own new behaviours. Read “How I Lost 25 Pounds by Fostering My Own Behaviour Change – Part 1 (http://www NULL.beyondattitude” Part 2 is in draft form and should be published by Monday.

What I noticed

I am amazed at the rapid growth and success of the renewable energy industry across the world. On Easter Sunday, 2/3 of Germany was powered by renewable energy. (http://www NULL.iflscience

What I read

According to The Economic Times of India, the number of people defecating in the open in rural India has come down from about 550 million to about 350 million. (http://blogs NULL.economictimes NULL.indiatimes

Excellence in Behaviour Change

Jay Kassirer has produced 2 excellent videos, under 5 minutes each, that are essentially case studies of effective Behaviour Change programs. I think they are excellent and I an excited that Jay intends to produce more. You can watch and learn about King County in Motion (https://www and Get Energized Iowa (https://www If you are not already familiar with it, Jay operates Tools of Change (http://www NULL.toolsofchange, which is a wonderful resource for Behaviour Change case studies and other information.

A quote I am pondering

“Ethics is knowing the difference between what you have a right to do and what is right to do.” – Potter Stewart


I am about to hit send and am hoping this new email system works!

If you have feedback or ideas on topics, I would love to hear from you (and thanks to all of the people who have already done so). I would especially appreciate recommended examples of excellence in behaviour change (if you have an example of one of your own projects, don’t be shy, tell me about it). You can email me at (ken null@null beyondattitude

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