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Hi, folks,

I have some cool things to share today. Some are from the North American Invasive Species Management Association conference I attended this week.

A big welcome and thank you to the many new subscribers from the conference. I hope you enjoy the Blast!

Something I am listening to

I have written before about Angela Duckworth’s Behaviour Change for Good Project. The Freakonomics Podcast has an update on the launch of this massive project (http://freakonomics NULL.com/podcast/launch-behavior-change-revolution/) with a massive team and a simple but massive mission – to change the world. I think everyone interested in Behaviour Change should be following this initiative. If you want to learn about the aspirations of this project, check out this previous podcast which describes it well. (http://freakonomics NULL.com/podcast/solving-one-problem-solve-others/)

Something I am reading

I am a proponent of a Universal Basic Income, and the Behavioral Scientist has an interesting argument as to why it won’t result in millions of people playing video games in their underwear. (http://behavioralscientist NULL.org/wisdom-universal-basic-income/)

Someone I met

Matt Miller (https://www NULL.nature NULL.org/science-in-action/our-scientists/matt-miller NULL.xml), Director of Science Communications with the Nature Conservancy, was the keynote speaker at the conference this week. Matt spoke about and provided tips on story-telling, and his presentation was a story in itself. Matt is the editor of the Cool Green Science Blog (https://blog NULL.nature NULL.org/science/), to which I highly recommend you subscribe. Here is a sample of Matt’s blog, a story of Bison returning to Europe (https://blog NULL.nature NULL.org/science/2017/08/22/remarkable-story-how-bison-returned-europe/). Yep, you read that right.

Something I spoke about

Urinal social norms. Yes, I went there, and you can see the slide deck on Slideshare (https://www NULL.slideshare NULL.net/KenDonnelly1/cbsm-naisma-workshop-october-23-2017-ss). As the keynote speaker at the Play Clean Go Summit, I used the example of how to choose the correct urinal to illustrate the strength of social norms on our behaviours.

A quote I am pondering

“The problem with human beings is that they’re human beings and that they repeatedly make decisions that undermine their own long-term well-being.” – Angela Duckworth

You may be interested in this previous Blast referencing invasive species.


I spent a lot of time spelling “behaviour” as “behavior” this week.

If you have feedback or ideas on topics, I would love to hear from you (and thanks to all of the people who have already done so). I would especially appreciate recommended examples of excellence in behaviour change (if you have an example of one of your projects, don’t be shy, tell me about it). You can email me at ken@beyondattitude.com (ken null@null beyondattitude NULL.com?__s=%5Bsubscriber NULL.token%5D&__s=%5Bsubscriber NULL.token%5D&__s=%5Bsubscriber NULL.token%5D).

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