Commitment to New Behaviours

Soccer image (http://www NULL.beyondattitude NULL.jpg)
I committed to play soccer.
My 5 year old knows all about commitment.

This morning he came to me and asked if I would go outside and play soccer with him. As it was a bit chilly(3c), I said “Yes, but when the temperature climbs to 10c.” He said “Promise?” And I said “Yes.”

So then he watched the thermometer, checking it every 10 minutes or so, telling me what the temperature was, and reminding me of the commitment. “It’s 8 degrees, Daddy. You said we would play soccer when it is 10. Just 2 more degrees.”

When it warmed up to 10, I had no choice. I was committed. He had strategically forced me into the behaviour, and I was out there playing soccer with him. Not that I didn’t enjoy it anyway. Good thing, because he had given me no choice.

When trying to get people to adopt new behaviours, take a tip from a five-year old. Make them promise!

More about commitment in the next few posts.