Sticky commitments

I often think of commitments as being sticky. It is hard to shake them off. When someone makes a commitment to do something, there is always this nagging feeling that they should do it, and they have a difficult time

Securing commitment – it’s so easy!

Perhaps the most powerful personal tool for fostering a new behaviour in a person is securing a commitment from them. People want to be seen to act consistently with what they say – walk the talk. People who do not

Billion Acts of Green

I found an app for the iPhone today that makes interesting use of CBSM principles. It allows the user to make commitments to environmental behaviours through pledges. You can choose a pledge that is pre-loaded or enter one of your

Commitment to New Behaviours

My 5 year old knows all about commitment. This morning he came to me and asked if I would go outside and play soccer with him. As it was a bit chilly(3c), I said “Yes, but when the temperature climbs