Planning for Behaviour

We are frequently hired to develop CBSM strategies to improve participation in existing programs. The client wants those who are not participating to begin, or wants to get people who are using the program to participate properly (for instance, to

Biggest Avoidable Mistake

The most frequent mistake made by new CBSM strategy designers is assuming that they know everything about their target audiences. They believe that they already know the motivators, barriers, and attitudes of their target audience. They then design a strategy

At Doug McKenzie-Mohr Workshop

I am attending Doug’s workshop at the Fairbanks Centre in Dartmouth. The first day was tremendous and tomorrow promises to be the same. I heartily recommend attending Doug’s workshop if you have not already done so, or if you have

Bad Prompts!

Take a look at this picture. The sign on the left says that there is no smoking within 16 feet of the doorway, and cites Halifax Regional Municipality’s by-law. The other sign, just a few feet away, encourages smokers to

Green Wash

Want to make a real difference when you wash your clothes? Buy the cold water detergent, and wash your whites in cold water. You will save energy and money, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions at the same time. Also, use