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I have been asked several times over the past few months, at workshops and conferences, for recommendations on other Behaviour Change resources. So I have compiled the following list of further reading.

These are resources that are interesting, easy to consume, and entertaining. I have not included research papers and other more difficult (but nonetheless valuable) reads.

I hope you enjoy them.


  • Hidden Brain from NPR. Not always on behaviour change but often is. It can be fascinating.
  • Freakonomics Radio. Often about behavioural economics. I like the story-telling nature of the episodes.
  • Choiceology. Excellent behaviour change insights. Supported by Charles Schwab, so there is a brief pitch at the end usually.
  • The Memory Palace. Nothing to do with behaviour change but I love the way the host weaves interesting, true stories.


  • Behavioral Scientist. Has a lot about behaviour. Nice short, informative articles.
  • Wait But Why. Sometimes about behaviour. Always interesting.
  • For the Interested. A collection of interesting articles Josh Spector collects. Many different topics.


  • Nudge. Written by a Noble Prize winning behavioural economics scientist Richard Thaler.
  • Thinking Fast and Slow. Written by a Noble Prize winning behavioural economics scientist Daniel Kahneman.
  • Made to Stick. Interesting and fun read. Uses a lot of examples to illustrate, as I do in my training. In fact, I use some of them.
  • Influence, The Psychology of Persuasion. An older book that is more about sales but applies to behaviour. Considered a foundational document.
  • Fostering Sustainable Behaviour by Doug McKenzie-Mohr.


  • Dan Ariely (http://danariely.com (http://danariely NULL.com/)) is an academic and has a lot of behavioural economics information on his website in videos and easy to read posts.