How I Lost 25 lbs by Fostering My Own Behaviour Change – Part 2

This is part 2 of this blog post series. You can read part 1 (http://www NULL.beyondattitude The series covers weight loss tips based on changing your own behaviour.

Setting goals

When I decided I was going to lose 40 pounds, and get fit, I recognized that those were not behaviours, but goals. As well, although the first goal was fairly specific, it needed more work. When was I going to be 40 pounds lighter? 10 years from now? In a few months? I had to set a target date to make the goal real.

And how much more vague can “getting fit” be? Fit enough to get off the couch without wheezing? Or to run a marathon? And by when?

So I decided I would lose 40 pounds by July 31, 2017 and I would be fit enough to run a 5 kilometre road race in Spring 2017. These goals were SMART – Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-based (https://www NULL.projectsmart NULL.php).

I also had one more goal. Being healthy enough to pass my next annual physical with flying colours.

Choosing behaviours

With the goals in place, I needed to identify the behaviours I was going to take to achieve them. And they couldn’t just be “eat better and exercise.” Those are too broad to be actual behaviours.

I did a lot of research for weight loss tips on the internet, by reading magazine articles, and books. I looked at different methods of losing weight, from counting calories, to going vegan, and many others. What I decided on finally was the ketogenic diet (https://www NULL.dietdoctor, which is basically a low-carbohydrate and high fat diet. (Every diet has its supporters and detractors and so does this one. But I researched it and am very comfortable with the choice.) I discussed it with my doctor and his nurse and both were fine with it.

Choosing my exercise plan also required research. I am an avid golfer, so I looked for an exercise and stretching plan that would help me with my game, and would develop upper body, lower body and core. I was able to find an excellent fitness program, which included weight loss tips, appropriate for my situation and age, from Don Saladino at Drive 495 in New York City (http://www NULL.donsaladino

Barriers and Motivators

So with that, I had chosen two behaviours. Follow a low-carb and high-fat diet, and follow an exercise plan. But they were not indivisible behaviours, an important point that Doug McKenzie-Mohr described in a post on his website Forum. (http://www NULL.cbsm NULL.lasso?p=10295) My next step was to look at the components of those behaviours, so I could determine all of the barriers that might prevent me from forming my new desired habits. It turned out that was the biggest key to my success, and I I will describe how I identified barriers and motivators, and how to handle them, in Part 3.

By the way, yesterday I met my 30 pound weight loss milestone. Ten more to go! 🙂

More behaviour change weight loss tips next week!