Behaviour Change and Backyard Composting

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Backyard Composting is Great for Your Garden
In 2010, Lura Consulting (http://www NULL.lura worked with the Township of Langley (http://www NULL.tol to increase backyard composting. Funded by FCM (http://www NULL.fcm, the project sought to use Community-Based Social Marketing to build upon the success of the Township’s existing Backyard Composting efforts (http://www NULL.tol

Last year, I delivered a webinar through Tools of Change. There was a fee for attending, but now the recording of the webinar (http://toolsofchange is available for free.

In addition, I blogged about this project earlier and included the link to the project report (http://www NULL.beyondattitude

Incidentally, we are currently working on a backyard composting project with the City of Beaconsfield (http://www NULL.beaconsfield in Quebec. We will provide information later this year when the project is complete.