Reducing Non-Source-Point Phosphorous

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Thanks to NVCA for sharing their report.
Over at (http://www NULL.cbsm NULL.lasso?p=10137#mostrecent) there has been a request for information on Community-Based Social Marketing research for non-source-point phosphorous reduction. In particular, there is interest in reducing fertilizer use and creating vegetative buffers. I have received several emails from people who would like the reports I mentioned in a comment.

Lura Consulting has conducted CBSM research on this topic in 4 areas over the last 3 years, for different clients. I previously posted the report for Rondeau Bay, which looked at near-shore nutrient reduction amongst residents, and you can download it by visiting this blog post (http://www NULL.beyondattitude I am posting the Innisfil Creek report here (http://www NULL.beyondattitude NULL.pdf), so people can download it as well. The Innisfil Creek project addressed agricultural sources, and gathered information from a focus group of phosphorous experts. Thanks to our client, the Nottawasaga Conservation Authority (http://www NULL.nvca NULL.on, for giving us permission to publish the report here so it could be shared with others.

I will seek permission from our other clients to share the two other reports that I have. The other two projects are related to these two, and both address residential issues and behaviours. Once they are available, I will post a note to But I also suggest you subscribe for notifications on my blog so that you will be sure to know when I post them.

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