In the last 20 years I have used Community-based Social Marketing to help millions of people across Canada and the UK to compost. But at this time of year, I always feel a little guilty when people complain about having fruit flies in their kitchens.

I have been showing people how to build these simple fruit fly traps for over 10 years, on television and in person. So I produced a short video for YouTube showing how to do it. Keep in mind that this can be used to remove a barrier if people tell you they will not compost because they don’t want fruit flies. So feel free to share this video if it will help with your CBSM composting campaigns.

UPDATE: Mark from Alberta sent me a note saying he uses Apple Cider Vinegar and saves the wine for himself. I tested it and it seems that Apple Cider Vinegar works as well as red wine. So feel free to substitute.

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