Children’s Clean Air Network

Ron Zima is on a mission. He is determined to stop unnecessary vehicle idling.

Several years ago, Ron had an awakening. One day he suddenly realized that the right of all people, but especially of children, to breathe clean air, was being compromised by idling vehicle engines. Suddenly, he was seeing them everywhere: at his kids’ school, in the drive-through at the coffee shop, at grocery stores and bus terminals. Vehicles parked with the engine running, polluting the air unnecessarily.

Ron launched the Children’s Clean Air Network, and he has steadily made progress in his goal. Every day that I go to my kids’ school I see a big sign on the outside of the building and reminder signs on the doors. They are in schools and arenas and recreation centres all over my community. He has produced videos and print ads, generated publicity, spoken at events and developed corporate partnerships. I was fortunate to meet Ron early on in his quest, and I have been astounded to see the results of his energetic campaign. A key to his success, I believe, is that his passion is complemented by his way of talking with people. He doesn’t take a “holier than thou” approach. In fact he likes to point out that, before he became aware of the impacts of unnecessary idling on air quality, he was once as guilty of idling his engine as the next person.

Ron has incorporated traditional communications methods and community-based social marketing in order to raise awareness and create a social norm about idling reduction. Today, I received an email from Ron with a video I just had to share with you. Besides the exciting message from the President of the bus company, the video contains many elements of Ron’s campaign. A cornucopia of good CBSM examples. Learn from a very successful campaign, and enjoy!

You can learn more about the Children’s Clean Air Network here (http://www NULL.childrencan NULL.php?/Guest-Speaker NULL.html).